Jun 17

Special Report For The Canon Sd1300is Digital Camera

I bought the Canon SD1300is specifically to have a small camera while traveling across the country following Route 66! (I have a Canon S5IS which I took to Germany and Italy, but found it inconvenient to carry daily.) THIS camera takes exceptional pictures and video, is convenient to carry and the battery lasts for DAYS before needing a charge. On a week trip to Maryland I did find the VIDEOS I shot at full zoom were blurry, but I didn’t notice it until I downloaded them to view on my computer.

Only for that reason did I not give it 5 stars. Full zoom PICTURES are fine. I love using the SD Card to directly download pictures (but then, that’s a positive point of my computer). I did purchase an extra 4gb SD card but have not had to use it yet. (I have over 600 pictures and probably 40 minutes of video on the first one.) I do suggest purchasing a camera case of some sort for protection.

I found one at Target which is just a padded cloth type, and it prevents the camera from getting scratched up in my purse but doesn’t take up much room. I do put the strap over my wrist while shooting because it is so small you can drop it easily. Buying from Amazon.com allows me to purchase a really GREAT product saving the tax I would pay at a retailer, and it ships for FREE. The Canon SD1300is is well worth the price, and I see it’s even dropped $10 from the July 2 price. Pick your favorite color and buy it if you’re looking for a small, convenient camera that takes great pics at a reasonable price.

I took this camera to my over-America road trip. The camera saw pretty hard conditions – 99 degrees of heat, dropping into sand, 3000 pictures over 3 weeks. It just went on-off all the time, I put a weight of a full year of use onto it over 3 weeks.

Works great. Amazing photos, it is easy to use, automatic regimes like macro work brilliant. Even through car windows on a speed of 70mph, it takes pictures like standing on a place. You could never tell they are made from a car ride. The Canon SD1300is is great little camera Brilliant photos, great camera.

One minus. Beauty flaws come up quickly. It is easy to scratch it and after 3 weeks of use, it looked rubbish. Like a 3 year old camera. I have never seen this before. So if you are interested in aesthetics, buy some other camera. If you want to have awesome, truly brilliant pictures from a small and compact camera, buy this one. Photos wise it is the best you could buy, if you like to hang out and show your fancy equipment in a big crowd, this Canon SD1300is is a great buy for the price.


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