Jun 10

Designing the Perfect Camera Cases

Designing the perfect camera cases involves a good deal of insight. After all, this isnt just a tote you are selecting because it has a snazzy color scheme. A practical part of the serious photographers arsenal, the camera case protects potentially thousands of dollars of equipment. It also sends a message to everyone who sees it that the person who carries this case is serious about his craft. A serious photographer needs a serious camera case. Camera case designers understand this and go to a great deal of trouble to design cases that meet the needs of the photographer.

A serious photographer may want to look for the following camera case accessories:

– Sturdy construction Todays camera cases offer so many different options for this. Choose a hard plastic case on wheels if you travel often with your equipment. A canvas case is ideal for toting equipment around town. Consider an equipment belt if you need to have a variety of different lenses at the ready. A fanny-pack of sorts, it makes it simple to grab that special lens for the action shot or to quickly change a battery. Just make sure the zippers dont catch and that the pockets keep your lenses secure.

– Comfortable straps This may seem like a given, but you may be surprised to learn that this is where many camera bag manufacturers scrimp. To really get an idea of how much a shoulder strap can improve your comfort, imagine holding your camera and all your accessories for hours. Then imagine a thin strap digging into your back. The image is not a pleasant one. Look for a strap that is made of thick foam or that includes a gel insert.

– Practicality The best looking camera bag will quickly become redundant if it does not match your needs. Make sure all those inner pockets actually fit your lenses, and if you plan to travel often with your equipment, dont forget to ask about the maximum load of the camera cases you are considering for purchase.
Price Though not something you would immediately assume is an amenity, the price of camera cases definitely turns out to be one. After all, if you are able to navigate the world of camera cases to find one that meets your needs but is still affordable, you will have money left over to purchase that new stellar lens youve been eyeing. Choose wisely!


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