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Apr 30


Many people who enjoy general aviation will have taken a camera up and happily snapped away to take advantage of some alternative views which would not have otherwise been possible. This type of aerial photography perfectly legal and can provide some fantastic images in the right conditions. However, when selling the images or taking a …

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Apr 30

Canon Offers Photography Classes

Canon, one of the worlds leading camera technology developers, is offering photography classes and workshops in universities found across the United Arab Emirates as a part of their ICDL Summer Camps. This summer class is organized by ICDL GCC Foundation, a governing institute and the International Computer Driving License program (ICDL) certification authority of Iraq …

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Apr 29

Essentials Of Event Photography And An Event Photographer

Can anyone exactly define good event photography? Well, everyone believes that a perfect event photograph should cover up the entire occasion within a single frame. Of course, when it comes to good event photography, its a false belief that a given photo must be a representative of the entire event condensed down to a few …

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Apr 27

How To Give Professional Touch To Maternity Photography

Modern society has accepted the importance of maternity photography. It would not be wrong to say that this fashion has become a necessary activity for most expectant couples. The pregnant mothers want to capture their physical developments that take place during this period of 35-38 weeks. Maternity photographs store and preserve your physical appearance permanently. …

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Apr 26

Photography Helps In Running Business Campaigns

In the majority of advertising campaigns, photographs are used and this means that for businesses running any advertising campaign, the role of a commercial photographer is highly significant. Because it is these photographs that are likely to grab the attention of potential customers and spark an interest in a product or service, photographs are of …

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Apr 25

Understanding The Role Of Megapixel In A Digital Camera

By awareness the function of megapixel in a digital camera, you will be able to buy the finest option at the cheapest rate. Even beginners will be able to opt a better camera. Higher the megapixel count, better is photo-quality? This is one of the most misunderstood impression about rating of digital camera and their …

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Apr 21

Tgood Quality Slr Camera Bags

Memories are important for a certain individual once that memory means so much to him. If you are the type of person that is fond of keeping memories that are really important to you then, you are the type of person that is fond also of collecting pictures since pictures are the things that make …

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Apr 20

Maternity Photography – Preparation, Poses And Locations

Every woman and her husband want to see their maternity photographs most impressive and conveying. However there are no standards to judge the quality of maternity photography. All depends upon the personal liking and preferences. Even then, there are three major constituents of maternity photography. These are preparation, poses and locations. Even if you opt …

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Apr 15

Sony Cybershot DSC-S980 Digital Camera

The Sony S980 looks to be a fairly straightforward resolution upgrade of the previous camera, as it is around a 1/2.33″ SuperHAD CCD image sensor with 12.1 megapixel resolution, just slightly higher-res than the S950’s 10.1 megapixel image sensor. Sony S980 is equipped with SteadyShot image stabilization for reduced camera blur and also has high …

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Apr 14

Megapixel Camera Phones With High Specification Features

Everyone life is moving so fast. The people are not having time to stay socialize. The mobile phones solved this problem of a person. This is an easy way to stay communicated with near and dear ones. Beside that there are several other features included to the phone meeting everyone expectations from a mobile phones. …

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