Apr 21

Tgood Quality Slr Camera Bags

Memories are important for a certain individual once that memory means so much to him. If you are the type of person that is fond of keeping memories that are really important to you then, you are the type of person that is fond also of collecting pictures since pictures are the things that make up most of the happy memories that most individuals are keeping. But to be able to have the perfect shot for that certain moment, you should have a good camera.

Camera is the thing that used to capture a particular moment and develop it into a photo paper where the image that you have taken shot is there. Cameras are also sensitive when it comes to maintenance and care. Once the camera is broken or is destroyed, you have a very small percentage of assurance that you can fix it and if ever you have fixed it you are not that so sure that the camera can still do and function like it has not been destroyed. Since there is a saying that prevention is better than cure, you must at least avoid the time that your camera will be destroyed.

In order to do so, you have to attain a cover or something that could handle your camera surely especially if your camera is an SLR camera. You have to really take good care of it. You can try to have an SLR camera bag in order to protect it from falling or from being destroyed. There are different options that will surely fit into your taste. There are camera bag that have a good designs and is following the latest trend when it comes to colour or to the designs.

There are also SLR camera bags that vary when it comes to the

Apr 20

Maternity Photography – Preparation, Poses And Locations

Every woman and her husband want to see their maternity photographs most impressive and conveying. However there are no standards to judge the quality of maternity photography. All depends upon the personal liking and preferences. Even then, there are three major constituents of maternity photography. These are preparation, poses and locations. Even if you opt to hire the services of a professional photographer, you need to be involved actively at every stage. No photographer can deliver the best in desired way without the cooperation of model. It is the combined responsibility to get the best photographs of each and every session. As most of the expectant mothers are inexperienced for this activity, therefore they need basic guidance prior to the very first session of pregnancy photography.

First of all you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically both. You must be convinced with the benefits of pregnancy stage photography. You must try to involve your family members in to this act. It will eliminate all the shyness that you may face during the sessions. Apart from this, the involvement of family members makes the photographs more meaningful. Next important activity under preparation is the selection of dresses and makeup. No particular dresses are required. Open neck front open shirts, low belly jeans and short frocks etc are good to wear during the session. These dresses make the belly exposing easy during the photography session. As the maternity photography is aimed to capture your facial expressions and motherly look, so it is better to pose with utmost simplicity. Just sprinkle some talcum powder over the belly and hands. But do not put on dark facial makeup.

It may not be possible or feasible to follow the poses defined in the maternity photography books or shown at the concerned sites. It is

Apr 15

Sony Cybershot DSC-S980 Digital Camera

The Sony S980 looks to be a fairly straightforward resolution upgrade of the previous camera, as it is around a 1/2.33″ SuperHAD CCD image sensor with 12.1 megapixel resolution, just slightly higher-res than the S950’s 10.1 megapixel image sensor. Sony S980 is equipped with SteadyShot image stabilization for reduced camera blur and also has high sensitivity ISO 3200 for better shots in low-light situations. This powerful point-and-shoot also features Face Detection and six scene selections to help ensure you get the perfect shot.

While the camera does help you capture images with sensor shift image stabilization, it has no auto-scene selection or smile detection functions, staying instead with the standard face detection. You can also record 30 fps movies, which you can save to the supported microSD Duo memory cards. On the technology side, the S980 includes a pared-down selection of Sony’s intelligent features, but offers enough to keep the casual photographer happy. Steady Shot digital image stabilization, six pre-programmed scene modes, and face detection technology round out the S980’s tech profile. A few in-camera retouching options are also available, including image cropping and red-eye correction.

On the back of the camera is a zoom rocker, the six-selection mode dial, a menu button for accessing contextual settings, and a four-way directional pad for navigating the on-screen interface. The four main directions on the circular pad also offer one-press access to the LCD screen settings, the flash, the self-timer, and the macro mode. Below that are two more dedicated buttons, to activate playback and delete photos. The battery and Memory Stick slot are tucked under a door on the bottom of the camera.

The Sony DSC-S980 is equipped with tools to edit, archive and share. The Sony camera has in-camera retouch features like red-eye correction and image management to easily sort through thousands of

Apr 14

Megapixel Camera Phones With High Specification Features

Everyone life is moving so fast. The people are not having time to stay socialize. The mobile phones solved this problem of a person. This is an easy way to stay communicated with near and dear ones. Beside that there are several other features included to the phone meeting everyone expectations from a mobile phones.

The 12 mega-pixel camera comes with fascinating exteriors and interiors to capture wonderful images and videos etc.
There are various companies in the market who unveiled several of their phones which come including 12 megapixel camera. The phone comes with multiple camera features including geo-tagging, touch focus, LED flash, auto-focus, image stabilization, smile, Xenon flash, face and smile detection. The users can relish taking still photographs and videos. The included secondary camera allows you to stay connected with loved ones all the times through video call.

The mobile companies such as Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson Satio LG and Nokia etc brought many 12 mega pixel camera phones for those who love photography but do not want to carry additional camera when on outdoor vacation. So we can also say that the 12 mega pixel camera phones give you relief to carry unnecessary things when on vacation.

As we all know that the expectation of today generation from a mobile phone is like anything. Hence the companies introduced the 12 mega pixel camera phones with other unbelievable features such as internet, entertainment and other multimedia features.

The owner of 12 megapixel camera phones can also take proper advantage of built in entertainment features including FM radio which comes with RDs technology, games and music player which plays all the latest songs in different files formats including MP4 and MP3. The supported speakerphone and external memory card slot are other features which help in increasing your

Apr 13

Tokina 10-17 Review – A Fun Lens For Creative Photography Use

The Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens is a premium lens for either your Canon camera or Nikon camera. With a great rotary zooming system it’s a rather low priced lens compared to other lenses you may look up or have already purchased.

It provides great clarity and is one of my favorite lenses that I have ever purchased. I will list all the benefits and features of this lens below:

-This lens is optimized for either Canon or Nikon cameras showing it’s diversity among the different camera users.

-It has a minimum of f/22 to f/3.5 – 4.5 apertures range that allows a good amount of light into your camera’s image.

-The minimum focus distance is around 5.5 which is about 14cm. This allows you to get up close to the object without suffering any sharpness from the photo.

-The Rotary Zooming system allows you to zoom in on images with ease.

-The maximum outer diameter is around 2.75 which are 70mm.

-The lens type is a fisheye with a minimum focal length is 10mm and a maximum focal length of 17mm.

-With the fisheye lens you can create great special effects, with great sharpness towards the center of your images. This allows a lot of creative freedom for the photographer.

The Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens is a great lens when you are dealing with any special effect projects. This lens is especially great for aerial photography, indoor photography and even portrait photography for kids!

It allows great sharpness towards the middle of the image and less sharpness on the outside of the lenses. Overall, I find this lens sharp enough for most creative purposes.

Tokina delivers a great product as they always do with a great lens that is usable for any Nikon or Canon Digital cameras. At the time

Apr 12

Photography classes in chennai

Ambitions 4 Photography Academy is a leading Institute for digital photography and professional photography training Academy based in Chennai. Photography institute offers variety of courses such as EDEXCEL BTEC HNC Level 4 Diploma in photography, EDEXCEL BTEC HND Level 5 Diploma in photography and etc.

Ambitions4 Photography Academy is one of the best Institute in Chennai our aim is to spread the knowledge of photography. Photography class in Chennai offers Weekend Photography Courses, Diploma photography, Canon Photography Courses in Chennai.

Being a Canon Pro-Center and EDEXCEL, UK approved centre for BTEC HND courses the facilities offered by the academy to learn photography. Professional Photography Institute provides photography training to the students to participate in real time assignments.

Photography Faculty being a self-learned photographer, his academic interest in photography and teaching skills stood as a great strength in leading Photography Training – Chennai. Professional Photographer Schools has conducted Photography workshops and seminars in Tamil and English.

Ambitions4 Photography Academy is a leading training institute for photography courses in Chennai. To learn basic photography for beginners, working professionals and others. Photography education and Photography education information.

Ambitions4 Photography courses in Chennai provides a basic and advanced photography education based on Part time and also full time courses. Ambitions4 Photography Faculty offered the Photography Short Courses Chennai.

Digital photography coaching classes is easy to understand the Basic Photography Techniques. Good photos happen with imagination, planning and understanding the equipments. We offered the DSLR Photography training in Fulltime photography courses.

Scope for wedding/event photography in India, understanding the new approach to Advanced DSLR Photography weekend. Ambitions4 academy provides a certificate of Advanced Photography.

Photography Academy conducts workshops and seminars, special training and Photography education information in various areas of photography classes in Chennai. The Short term

Apr 12

Wedding Photography Punjab Create Timeless Wedding Memories

India is a land of colors, different cultures, religions. Here every occasion is celebrated very passionately with full vibrancy and enthusiastically. Celebration like wedding in India is a dazzling event, filled with customs and festivity that carry on for several days. From part to the other part of India, the essence of marriages changes. In India is considered a subject of pride to give grand lavish wedding parties.

Especially the Punjabi wedding ceremonies are celebrated like a big carnival, exhibiting magnificent grandeur. Punjab is a colorful state of where believes to live their lifes king size. So the Punjabi weddings are an example of elaborate ceremony of customs and rituals. Many rituals like ladies sangeet, roka, and many more Hindu marriage ceremonies are a part of many day long this celebration.

So to capture every moment of such big grand event of lifetime one needs a perfect weeding photographer. Who captures every timeless moment of the wedding celebrations. Wedding photographers knows how to frame a shot, and made that into a timeless memory. Wedding Photography Punjab has a special style and capture Punjabis at their natural and best with candid and traditional shots in classical way.

It is important to capture all of the special and memorable moments that happened during the ceremonies so that everyone gets a chance to have a flashback and remember that unforgettable happiness. A wedding album is one of the most beautiful way to collect all the memories of this lifetime event the wedding an important day in everyones life. Some people like to have a video or a DVD recording made of all the ceremonies. But, a wedding album has its own value and charm, which has like a solid in time like feeling that will last for ever and ever. A weeding album

Apr 11

Why Pet Photography Is Big Business

Pets provide a high level of enjoyment to people of all ages. They are playmates with young kids, an exercise buddy for middle aged couples and a companion to the elderly. Research has actually shown that widows that have a cat or dog actually live longer than those without a pet.

They can help relieve stress, but most important, a pet is a true friend. A pet is loyal and will not bad mouth you to all the other neighbourhood animals. They require attention, but in return, will give you so much more.

So it’s no surprise that animal owners like get images of their furry friends. Unfortunately the average life span of a cat or dog can be anywhere between 8 and 16 years, so holding on to long lasting memories can be very important. Similarly, pet owners see their animal as a family member and want to have photos of them up around the house, like they would a daughter or son.

Because of this, pet photography is big business, all over the world. Being able to capture animals at their cutest or most exciting is no easy task, and a professional pet photographer can demand good money for their services. Specialist photographers have extensive experience taking photos in their specific niche, so an animal photographer knows exactly what does and doesn’t work when it comes shooting (with a camera) a dog, cat, guinea pig or whatever pet you might have.

You may choose to get your pet photographed on its own, with its favourite toy, or with your whole family. Generally, the photographer will ask what kind of photos you’d like, but then also suggest some ideas they think would work well. In the modern age of digital cameras, it allows them to take dozens of

Apr 10

Seven Steps To Learning Photography

Being a photographer is a great profession. You travel and have the chance to meet and shoot many people. Your pictures can touch many people and leave an impact. However there are a few small things you should remember when dealing with photography. Just seven points which can help make you a better photographer.

The first point is rather simple, keep a notebook. This way you can keep track of your clients and what supplies and tools you may need. Second, always carry your camera. Frequently, take pictures of everything and anything. You are always learning about photography. Whether it is lighting and shade and perception you are always learning with your camera. This also helps build confidence in your photography. The camera should be an extension of you.
The third pointer is to shoot in different conditions. Always be diverse with what it is you shoot with your camera. Shoot the sunrise or shoot people or activities. Always have a feel for many different visual subjects. Take note in your note book what you have learned.

Always remember to set goals. This is the fourth pointer for photography. Is there something you havent done yet with your camera? Then shoot it. A certain technique you would want to perfect or learn. This is where you start to publish your work for others to see.

The fifth pointer is to remember to read. A photographer reads about the trade. There are many books on the subject of photography. Always have a new book to read so you can always be ready to learn something new. Especially with the internet there is lots of information available at your fingertips. News about new cameras and photograph technology is always available.

Number six is to ask questions. No

Apr 10

Experience the joys of nature with a bird box camera

Of the numerous methods to enjoy nature from home there are few which are quite so up close and personal as the bird box camera. By simply installing a camera within your bird box it is possible to see the inhabitants within their natural surroundings from inside your home. The picture from the bird box camera may be transmitted to your television for your family to view. You are able to monitor the inhabitants of your bird box without the potential risk of disturbing them.

The type of camera installed in the bird box is unobtrusive, and allows you to observe the birds while they go about their activities. The camera is usually hard-wearing and durable so that it can survive limited exposure to the elements and any knocks and bumps from the birds themselves. After the installation, any wires may then be discreetly passed from your bird box into your home or wherever you plan to watch . This is easiest if the bird box is in close proximity of your home. Alternatively, for more investment a wireless bird box camera can be acquired that does not require any trailing wires and can be installed within minutes.

The true joy of the bird box camera is being able to watch birds in the garden with no human interaction or disturbance since the birds are blissfully unaware that they’re being watched. This can be particularly important when the birds lay eggs as any disturbance to the nest can be devastating for the young chicks. In the comfort of your home you are able to watch the delicate process that birds undergo, building their nest and in turn the chicks hatching, and a new life beginning. This is when the real advantages of the bird box camera begin as the parents

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