Jun 27

Unable To Use Card Error Using Sony A100 Camera

The Sony A100 Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is the first DSLR camera launched by Sony. This 10.2 mega pixel camera is compatible with all Sony and Konica Minolta A-mount lenses. The recording medium to save pictures in Sony A100 DSLR is Compact Flash (CF) memory cards. A CF media card can be corrupted due to file system damage, erroneous handling, malicious software like virus etc. In such situations, the pictures saved in the CF card become inaccessible. To access those pictures, in case of no back up availability, the user needs to use efficient Photo Recovery Software.

As a practical example, when a user attempts to view the previously stored photographs from a CF card which is inside the Sony A100 camera, he encounters the below error message:

Unable to use Card

After the above error message appears on the Sony A100 screen, the pictures stored in the flash card become inaccessible. The main cause of the above error message is that the Sony A100 DSLR is unable to read the data stored in the flash memory card. In such scenarios, if the user needs to use the flash memory card and store new pictures on the card, then he needs to format the media card. To recover the pictures from the flash media card, the user needs to use effective Picture Recovery software. This Picture Recovery software recovers and restores lost pictures by using influential scanning methods.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the finest Picture Recovery application that recovers and restores your pictures in all instances of picture loss from a flash memory card. It is available for both IBM PC (Windows) and Apple Mac (Mac OS) platforms. The Windows version supports Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT. The Mac OS version supports Mac

Jun 23

Michelle Litvin’s Photography Wins Four AIA Chicago 2010 Design Excellence Awards

Michelle Litvin is a photographer and visual artist. Her work has been featured in popular publications like The New York Times and Interior Design magazine. Her area of expertise includes documenting built environments and her photographs have been exhibited in Chicago, New York and in private collections around the world. Michelle Litvin’s photography reports on the user-centered experience of a space, with real people in real time. She seeks to present a novel view of architecture from a planar vantage point by playing with ambient light and traffic.

Four projects that she has documented won awards in the Interior Architecture category of the AIA Chicago 2010 Design Excellence Awards. The judges were impressed by the play between light and dark transitions used to add cohesiveness to the architecture.

Currently, Michelle Litvin is collaborating with Archeworks, a multidisciplinary design organization, on a book about one of its recent projects, the Mobile Food Collective (MFC), which was showcased in the U.S. Pavilion at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the 2010 Venice Biennale.

Michelle Litvin’s photography of Zaha Hadid’s temporary pavilion in Chicago’s Millennium Park is featured on the cover of the Taschen series Architecture Now! 7, by Philip Jodidio. The series is a curation of the latest developments in architecture throughout the world.

Michelle Litvin has collaborated with the Hyde Park Art Center to document the Center’s building, designed by Doug Garofalo. She is documenting the interaction of the community with the installations and architectural sculptures featured at the Center. She also worked with renowned artist Juan Angel Chvez to create a catalogue of his installation Speaker Project, which was published in 2008 by the HPAC.

Michelle Litvin has worked as a journalist. She wrote and photographed for the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Reader and Newsweek

Jun 21

A Skill Phase in Digital photography

wedding photographers

If you’re the particular artistic type and think of being the next Ansel Adams, it is possible to pursue the best to be a observed artist as well as offering your current photos referring to 1000’s of dollars. Photography is often a real skill and lots of photography lovers are fortunate sufficient to get have the capacity to manage to get thier work demonstrated in free galleries. The exceptional element about discovering a skill diploma in photography is that you can still work as a paid photographer while seeking your imaginative endeavors together.

If you’re among people who value taking care of individuals, using a digital camera and making use of photos, an art type degree throughout photography might be exactly what you’re looking for. You may have a thrilling occupation where show creativity will give you a prolonged way.

To be able to certainly be a photographer, a specific generally would go to artwork institution to understand the fundamental principles including photography.

A person who gets a fashion photographer need to never ever have only an imaginative style with regard to photography, however a wrist watch for trend too.

Press develop a wonderful living, even though you need to be unremitting and never frightened of body patches and angry stars which declare that they can don’t like being captured, even though they hold on and appear from locations precisely where they are fully aware photography enthusiasts is going to be. Photography is typically a true skill and lots of photography enthusiasts are lucky adequate to get have the ability to manage to get thier work demonstrated in cost-free galleries. The excellent aspect about discovering an ability diploma in photography is that you could still work as a paid photographer while seeking your

Jun 21

Wedding Photography Wedding Videography Photographer Mumbai India

At studioRED, we tell your story. Your wedding will have very unique moments, each with a different sensitivity. Our journalistic style of wedding photography is inspired by a passion to document your day in a way that brings back the emotions and moments naturally. Take a look at our photography which is a blend of our journalistic and candid styles.
We provide video coverage for your wedding day and any other events that you’d like. We recommend having video only for the main wedding day. Having too many videographers with bright lights ruins the sentimental and soft ambience of the pre-wedding events. Our lead wedding photographer will manage the photo and video team.
It is all about the eye behind the camera.
Who we are is probably the most important part about choosing us. We’re a bunch of photographers, artistic designers, e-commerce and operations work horses. We’ve built online photography services companies like scancafe.com and smilebooks.scancafe.com for the US and Europe markets, which made us think “Why don’t we change the state of the Indian wedding photography industry? Why is it such a struggle to get a professional and artistic team?”
We are different – hatke. Just like “Dil Chahta Hai” changed the story telling style of Indian cinema, we are changing the world of Indian wedding photography (if you didn’t like Dil Chahta Hai, we need to talk…). Photography is about angles and moments – to shoot good scenes studioRED photographers lie down, hide behind flowers, climb balconies (safely!) and do what it takes to wow you. We want you to see our work, seeing is believing.

Our name studioRED was inspired by the boutique feel of a studio and the color of Indian weddings, RED. It also jived with our youthful attitude of being

Jun 20

Best Nikon Coolpix L310 Compact Digital Camera – Great For Shooting

The name and fame of brand Nikon is not anonymous for any photographer. It has been much-admired by skilled and non professionals from the time of its establishment. Nikon is for ever and a day been at the apex, as an expected manufacturer of various stylish and unique Digital camera in the field of photography. Have a look on of its great coolpix model, the Nikon Coolpix L310 Digital Camera.

Nikon Coolpix L310 is stylish camera, but not too much expensive so easily fits to your pocket. It is outfitted with a combination of image-sensor shift and VR image stabilization system. Thus user gets every time sharp images. There is also a Motion Detection and sensitivity settings which can be extended up to ISO 6400. The Coolpix L310 has internal memory storage of about 102MB and external storage memory friendly with SD cards.

Attractive Design
This prominent model comes in an ergonomic grip design support give to stable handling and smooth operation. It consist of a sky-scraping resolution 3 inch Liquid Crystal Display screen , HD (720p) movie recording capabilities, 21x optical zoom, and a 14 mega pixel CCD sensor. The optical zoom with an auto focus function can be used during video recording and the camera’s high ISO range (competent to 6400) means it is an astonishing for shooting in dim light situations. There are several scene modes approx 17 view choices for image mode selection and also auto selector mode that let the camera to pick the best Scene mode for the shooting position and place. Further there is also Red Eye Fix, Blink Proof, Smile Timer, and Skin lessening.

The L310 is a smooth and solid body incorporates a dazzling 3 inch LCD monitor and sharp design with coatings that assure to protect against smears and

Jun 20

The Best Cheap Action Camera

I have no doubt that 2012 is the year of the action camera. We saw some major product launches from the likes of GoPro, Contour, JVC & Sony. However, these products all are tailored to an audience that can afford to throw around cash. It’s clear that one must spend at least $200 to get a new action camera these days, or buy used. However, if you do enough research, you’ll quickly realize that there are some solid cheap action camera alternatives on the market!
The Budget Action Camera?
In a previous article, I wrote about the Crocolis HD Action Camera, one of the most promising underdog action cameras of 2011. Well, it’s now 2012 and the successor has been announced!
Crocolis Xdreme HD Action Camera

There were many things the Crocolis HD Action Camera got right (especially at $150 USD). This includes:

-1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps
-IP68 (waterproof & dustproof)
-Wide angle lens – 142 degrees 720p, 172 degrees 1080p
-1.5″ LCD screen
-Built in microphone
-Maximum connectivity – mini-HDMI, mini-USB, TV-out & microphone input
-$150 bargain price point

What’s New?
But, there were a few areas where it fell short. Well, it seems they’ve heard our collective cries for change, because they’ve remedied them all! Here are the new features that distinguish it from it’spredecessor:
1.Upgraded Imaging Sensor – The new sensor on the Xdreme records clearer video with more saturated colors, but more importantly, is vastly superior in low light.

2.Automatic Tilt Sensor – If you mount the camera on it’s side or upside down, the camera will now automatically readjust the footage to the proper orientation!

3. Improved Casing – Though fundamentally similar, the new casing looks much sexier than the old brick design. We’re

Jun 20

The Photographer Of The Negative Space Composition On Photography

Maybe now you are preparing for a photography project. Engaged in a photography project really help improve the personal photography technology. In this paper, we discuss a photography technology–the negative space composition.

Negative space is a kind of can create attractive photos of composition skills. If used properly, it can greatly improve the level of photos.

In one picture, there are 3 kinds of composition elements:

1, the frame: frame is the ZhiHua outside edge.

2, is space: namely photo subject, is usually camera focus areas.

Three, the negative space: in addition to the main body of the outside screen space, space and frame is located in between.

Many people consider composition, too much attention is space, and less consider the negative space of the problem. Even if it was considered, and is often taken in after noticed. This way can only make the second-class photos. If can reasonable use, negative space can play two very important function:

1. The negative space can help determine is space;

2. Negative space is space can assist, strengthen is the attraction of the space.

Negative space through the arrange other details to help determine is space. For example, a photograph may only took a part of the bridge. But in a negative space have other details, can be used to judge the specific location of the bridge. It is in the city, city park or in the forest? Photo taken in nearly unable to answer these questions. If the photographer to show some scenery, create can determine the negative space is space. Therefore, the picture is also better.

Make the negative space, can play a role of the photos to strengthen, but one thing is must avoid: negative space can never is more

Jun 19

More About Wedding Photography In Vancouver

With different technical advances in photography, audio and video, the demand for wedding photographers is rising day by day. And it is considered a good idea to opt for an inclusive package that may includes audio, video, photography to make the big day memorable for the clients.

Capturing quality images is a skilled trade and it takes a lot of time, practice and work to offer quality and professional wedding photography services. Other than a quality camera, the photographers have to have the knowledge and skill to capture the images with the quality one desire for the special day.

Lets know more about the wedding photography in Vancouver.

Posing shots

The photographers are skilled at posing shots. In a wedding, the experts take a lot of pictures in which the subjects are posed. While all pictures one take at the wedding are important but the most useful ones are those that are captured after the ceremony. During the wedding, capturing the moments covering the couples and guests is a normal thing. Modern experts focus on posing the pictures of family members after the ceremony.

And they make use of their proper knowledge on lighting and capture images in various kinds of light. They capture shots of complete dance floor and also of multiple photographs of all guests other than the wedding party.

Taking candid shots

In the catalogue of posed snaps, candid shots are a wonderful addition. The kind of shots is considered important because it captures event’s overall tone and atmosphere. It is aimed at capturing the action or wedding moments from a distance and that too without asking the visitors to pose in front of the camera. The fact is most of the time the people become annoyed if their images are captured

Jun 18

How To Have An Intimate Maternity Photography Session

Maternity photography is now a popular activity that many couples engage into. This is now a common practice for expecting parents; some perform the activity on their own while others hire a professional photographer. Although having help from a professional photographer will definitely allow you to come up with quality photos, husbands are just as capable to do the shoot themselves. In addition, when the couple performs the shoot by themselves, they will be able to come up with more personal photos, allowing them to have a more intimate maternity photography session.

The key to having a successful intimate maternity photography session is to prepare for it ahead of time. Here are a few pointers to consider in order to make this photo session a success.

You need to have a camera that is capable of producing quality photos. No matter how good a photographer you are or how well your wife can pose, if you have a crappy camera, all this talent will go to waste. This doesnt mean that you need the highest quality camera in the market, all you need is one that can take vivid photos and capture natural colors. But if you dont own an adequate camera, and you dont want to add to your expenses, all you have to do is borrow one.

Prepare your wardrobe and props. These photographs will be part of your familys history, so make sure that the subjects wear clothes that look good. It could be a nice summer dress or the favorite jogging pants get up of your wife, as long as she looks good in it, it would do. Bringing a change of wardrobe is a must, it allows you to have different looks for the photoshoot. Props could be personal objects that mean much to the

Jun 17

Special Report For The Canon Sd1300is Digital Camera

I bought the Canon SD1300is specifically to have a small camera while traveling across the country following Route 66! (I have a Canon S5IS which I took to Germany and Italy, but found it inconvenient to carry daily.) THIS camera takes exceptional pictures and video, is convenient to carry and the battery lasts for DAYS before needing a charge. On a week trip to Maryland I did find the VIDEOS I shot at full zoom were blurry, but I didn’t notice it until I downloaded them to view on my computer.

Only for that reason did I not give it 5 stars. Full zoom PICTURES are fine. I love using the SD Card to directly download pictures (but then, that’s a positive point of my computer). I did purchase an extra 4gb SD card but have not had to use it yet. (I have over 600 pictures and probably 40 minutes of video on the first one.) I do suggest purchasing a camera case of some sort for protection.

I found one at Target which is just a padded cloth type, and it prevents the camera from getting scratched up in my purse but doesn’t take up much room. I do put the strap over my wrist while shooting because it is so small you can drop it easily. Buying from Amazon.com allows me to purchase a really GREAT product saving the tax I would pay at a retailer, and it ships for FREE. The Canon SD1300is is well worth the price, and I see it’s even dropped $10 from the July 2 price. Pick your favorite color and buy it if you’re looking for a small, convenient camera that takes great pics at a reasonable price.

I took this camera to my over-America road trip. The

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